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Admission for Indian students in HKUST


I am Aman from India. I am applying to HKUST this year. I want to know if I can get admission with the following marks-

Standard XII CBSE-95.4% marks

Standard X ICSE-95.4% marks

(Indian Curriculum)

Also,how much marks are needed to get a scholarship?

Moreover if I get selected will I find it easy to mix up there..I mean like I am a will food be a problem?

And how much are the average monthly expenses for a student in HK?

SO many questions...but I am really eager to know all this...please reply...:)

i am waiting for a

i am waiting for a reply...please reply asap..

and are there some other websites where i can discuss ug related questions with other students?

some answers on HKUST

about your scores, no one knows but the department you're applyin for. ask them.


vegetrian food is going to be a bit of a problem, especially if you're strict. there are a few dishes available in each of the university options, but it's quite limited. most veggie indians i know on campus cook for themselves.


average expenses? i would say food is about 100HK$ a day, on campus accommodation between 1000-2800HK$ a month, transportation and other expenses depends on your lifestyle, but i would estimate another 1000HK$ atleast.


hope that helps,



thanx for the help... but if

thanx for the help...

but if u know any ug indian student in HKUST do tell their contact details..

and yeah...HKUST people are all silent about scores

one more ques...what is the avg monthy salary of a student graduating from HKUST school of engineering?

and does graduating from a different country(say HKUST) really makes any difference when you apply for jobs? 

Some links

You can find international UG students, some of them Indian, with the HKUST - International Students Association (ISA) Facebook group -

I also recommend you contact the following offices in HKSUT, and they'll be happy to get you in touch with current international UGs :

as or salaries, again - do your online search and talk to the HKUST offices instead of posting in unofficial forums. from my quick Google search you can have a look at these :

lastly, i don't know who you talked to but HKUST is not silent about the scores at all. if you talk to the offices, they'll be happy to tell you what scores are required.

good luck

Hey man! im going to been

Hey man! im going to been accepted to HKUST too for electronic and information and communication engineering!what about u? If you are accepted are u going there?

I have been*

I have been*