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HKUST - International student experience questions

I'm planning to study abroad for a semester at HKUST this fall so a lot of your posts are like a gateway to HK for me. Anyways, I have a few questions:
1. How easy is it to get into the central areas of HK from UST?
2. Have you traveled to anywhere else in Asia while at UST? I really want to go to Japan, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China, among other places while I have the opportunity.
3. This is a question mostly about the undergrad population so I'm not sure if you'll be able to answer. I know there is a very large international student population at UST. If I room with another exchange student, is it going to be difficult for me to make friends with the locals? Obviously it's comforting for me that there are a lot of internationals but I want to be able to immerse myself and my new friends as well.

HKUST related answers

1. It's very easy to go from HKUST to HK island and central. Two ways, catch the MTR to Choi Hong in Kowloon (change at Mongkok) and take the 11 minibus (all day, all night) to HKUST, or take the MTR to Hang Hau (change at North Point) and take the 11 minibus to HKUST. Altogether, once you get used to the route, should be about 40-60 minutes, depending on how long it takes to wait for the minibus. I use that time to read books, watch videos on my mobile or just stare at the locals.


2. Definitely, that's what most of the exchange students do in HKUST most of the time. Some of them are hardly in HK, especially those who only need a "pass" grade. the most popular destinations are the lower budget countries - Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, though definitely China and Taiwan. Japan & Korea are slightly on a higher budget, but also possible. Macau is just a 1 hour ferry from Hong Kong so very easy to get to. Do a search on the forums here for the budget airlines going through Hong Kong.


3. the population is not that big, actually. there are about ~200-300 full time internationals and about 400-500 exchange, some of which are not always on campus. but, ofcourse, if you come to an exchange you'll get to meet then in the orientation and the parties. I do recommend getting a room with a local, or a mainland, and it is possible, but I must warn you that there are cultural differences you should keep an open mind about. even if you don't, there are many other options for meeting locals, either in classes, through the local societies (student groups) or through peer-guides appointed to help you by the university. I wouldn't worry about it, if you'll want to meet locals - you will.


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