Bride's Pool Nature Trail 新娘潭自然教育徑


From HK Walkers:


Lying in the north western corner of Plover Cove Reservoir, Bride's Pool Nature Trail is a route that introduces local wildlife and flora. At the Bride's Pool bus terminus, the green-roofed Lion Pavilion welcomes you. Follow the path by the pavilion, there are sweet sounds of birds and rippling stream to keep you company.

A little way ahead the trail crosses over the top of Bride's Pool. Gazing down, silvery falls plunge mightily down the rock face. Legend has it that a bride passed by this treacherous part on her way to the wedding. In bad weather, the wedding sedan chair fell into the pool and she was washed down the waterfall. In memories of this ill-fated bride who got drown there, the pool was named Bride's Pool.

Up ahead on the river bed you find pot-holes carved by swirling sand and gravels which are washed down by water seeping through rock joints. This nature trail passes by the Bride's Pool Stone Bridge, which was built in 1906 by local villagers to provide a link between Wu Kau Tang and Chung Mei Village. After the bridge, back to Bride's Pool Road and comes to an end.


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