Christopher Doyle: Filming in the Neon World

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"Filming in the Neon World" by Christopher Doyle is part of NEONSIGNS.HK -- an online exhibition on Hong Kong's neon signs, presented by M+, West Kowloon Cultural District. Visit NEONSIGNS.HK for more.「杜可風:霓虹光影」是西九文化區M+博物館網上展覽「NEONSIGNS­.HK 探索霓虹」的一部分,即到NEONSIGNS.HK 了解更多。

21.3.2014 - 30.6.2014
Instagram: #HKNEON

The Making of Neon Signs 霓虹的製作 -
Neon Map 霓虹地圖 -
Neon Timeline 霓虹年表 -
Lost & Featured Neon Sign Photos 消失及精選霓虹照片

About NEONSIGNS.HK - an interactive online exhibition celebrating Hong Kong's neon signs
Presented by M+, Hong Kong's museum for visual culture, NEONSIGNS.HK will celebrate a key feature of the city's streetscapes by exploring, mapping and documenting its neon signs - while inviting the public to upload images of their favourite examples from throughout Hong Kong.

西九文化區M+博物館將舉辦首個網上展覽「NEONSIGNS.­HK 探索霓虹」,對香港霓虹招牌作出探索、連繫及記錄。展覽同時邀請­公眾上載喜愛的香港­­霓虹招牌照片至網上平台,共同展示香港獨有的­城市景觀。