Our Naturalscapes, Our Hong Kong. 香港郊野 Time Lapse

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是咁的,之前政府被揭正諮詢「發展郊野公園用地」,更有「高官」說「從來沒去過郊野公­­園,用來發展沒問題」,小弟聽後感到十分悲哀,除了送它「三個字」之外,同時也只能­製­作一條「郊」片,讓更多人知道郊野公園美麗的一面。 雖然議案沒落實 (也不排除有落實的一天),但請保護我們的郊野公園,讓更多人好好享用。

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此 Time Lapse 影片由2013年6月開始,以業餘的時間拍攝至今,拍攝地點如下:

5D2, 6D, EF 16-35L II, EF 24-105L, Sigma 15 fisheye.
No motion control unit.

Last month, the Government was discovered to be tempted to hold a consultation over "Construction development at the country parks in Hong Kong", and there were even some government officials claiming that they have never been to any country parks in their lifetime, there's no problem of construction at these country parks. I find his words offensive and deplorable.I cannot think of anything to say, except to make a video about Hong Kong's country parks, to show the innate beauty of the country parks to the general public. Although certain policies or plans have not been introduced yet, there is no guarantee that similar plans would not be proposed again by the Government again in the future. I just wish that this video can arouse all your attention, to take action and to conserve our country parks for the sake of our next generation.

Since 2013 June, I have started to produce this time lapse by taking photos everywhere in Hong Kong in my free time, and the places appearing in the video are as follows, Lugard Road, Po Toi Island, Shek O Country Park, Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Tai Mo Shan Country Park, Sai Kung East Country Park and Lantau North Country Park.

Gear: Canon 5D2, 6D, EF 16-35L II, EF 24-105L, Sigma 15 fisheye. No motion control unit is used.