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Do you like to write? Do you have something to say about being a foreigner in Hong Kong? Why not contribute your thoughts and opinions to "It's Hong Kong"?

"It's Hong Kong" is based on a small team of HK expat bloggers doing as much as they can to put in quality information and provide assistance to those seeking Hong Kong related information. But, that's barely enough.

"It's Hong Kong" is currently seeking quality writers and contributors. If you’ve got some basic HK experience, some English writing ability and, most importantly, something to say, we’d be happy to have you join us.

Active long-term contribution to the community will be acknowledged and rewarded with a link/banner on the sidebar and additional privileges with advanced permissions and stats access.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to see how you can contribue. If you want, you can just go right ahead and start contributing. The Hong Kong community and us will be most grateful.


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